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From concept to final polish, I help your project shine.



Your research and drafts are what I form into resources that your audience needs. Manuscripts get doctored into apps, presentations, and lesson plans (or even a book) that suit the marketplace. Plain language, flow, readability, learning outcomes, accuracy, and tone are foremost.

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Your knowledge I turn into materials that teach, whether as slide sets, workbooks and apps, or as reference books. Technical skills are my specialty (sciences, maths, and tech), and interpersonal and business topics are my biggest crowd pleasers.



Your editing acumen is good, now I will show you tools and methods that will make work faster, easier, and less stressful. Editing software, writing, and editing are what I teach professionals. Private organizations and universities are where I teach.


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Certified Copyeditor • Editorial Consultant
My work is about knowledge transfer — either facilitating it from experts or presenting it myself. I believe we can make even the most complex ideas and procedures easy for learners to take in, maybe even to master. I am known for pulling together multifaceted projects created by teams in a form that suits both the learner and the learning environment. I do this work because I find the challenge invigorating and I love the learning that I get along the way. My clients choose me repeatedly because I solve their problems, I am fun to work with, and I deliver high-quality on time. They know me as scieditor: a teacher of editors and technology, a writer at, a certified copyeditor, a speaker, and developer of a phonics app for iPad.

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