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From concept to final polish, I help your project shine.



Your audience hears your message best when it is clear, error-free writing in plain language. The proofreader and copyeditor provide that quality assurance check for readability, accuracy, and tone.

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Your knowledge I turn into materials that teach, whether as slide sets, workbooks and apps, or as reference books. Technical skills are my specialty (sciences, maths, and tech), and interpersonal and business topics are my biggest crowd pleasers.



Your editing acumen is good, now I will show you tools and methods that will make work faster, easier, and less stressful. Editing software, writing, and editing are what I teach professionals. Private organizations and universities are where I teach.


Selected Clients

A few of my recent clients.


Certified Copyeditor • Editorial Consultant
My work is about knowledge transfer — either facilitating it from experts or presenting it myself. I believe we can make even the most complex ideas and procedures easy for learners to take in, maybe even to master. I am known for pulling together multifaceted projects created by teams in a form that suits both the learner and the learning environment. I do this work because I find the challenge invigorating and I love the learning that I get along the way. My clients choose me repeatedly because I solve their problems, I am fun to work with, and I deliver high-quality on time. They know me as scieditor: a teacher of editors and technology, a writer at, a certified copyeditor, a speaker, and developer of a phonics app for iPad.

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Clients say the nicest things
Thank you for all your hard work in pulling this very challenging book together and getting it done. We had more hiccups with this TR than any three other books but somehow it all managed to get done and done well and all because of your hard work. Thank you all so much for working above and beyond the call of duty. I really appreciate it!


Project Manager
You are so insightful and creative and have a wonderful way with words!!!! I really like what you did. It has been such a pleasure working with you not only due to your wonderful ability and skills but also your personality. You were understanding and flexible about my schedule and the necessary rewrites even when I knew others were breathing down your neck. I liked how you scheduled the revision in parts — so less daunting when one is working at another job in addition to the writing.


Science Author
Boy you make me sound good. It’s not that it wasn’t in there, it’s just delivered better.


Executive Director, Paddle Canada
Perfect!!!!! Thanks so much!


Managing Editor Science and Business Studies, School Division
It has been really nice working with a professional. I was wondering, could you edit my correspondence and articles too?


Professor of Business
Your dedication, competence and good humour are exceptional!


Managing Editor, Meeting Professional Editorial Standards


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